Hey there, I am Buddy Junior *cough*, and I am a Boston Terrier, a proud American Gentleman  *blush*. This year I turned eleven, and I’m still looking damn handsome! I know *blush*.

What really makes me happy is my family. They love me, adore me, they are crazy about me! *tail wagging*. I’ve devoted my life to be their companion and confidant in their toughest times and always close when they need me.

There are times when I catch them wearing those weird faces, right after I let one go *wondering*. I don’t get it, how they don’t know that what goes in, must go out too. Am I right? *confused* Anyhow, I am not making any fuzz when they let one go! *eyeballs rolling*

I have to admit that I am well trained too. I learned how to do ‘gimme five’, play ‘dead’, ‘sit’, ‘roll’… – you name it!  But there is one favourite thing I could do any time of the day, and that is ‘woof, woof’ for a treat! ‘woof, woof’ for a treat! Man, I would do ‘woof, woof’ all day long. I wish one day, they realise, that treats should be bigger, way bigger… *let one go*.

Never mind, sometimes I simply do not understand them. What could you expect, at the end of the day they’ve got just two legs *wondering*. But you know what, I have to admit I love them too. I am happy when they are happy and I would do anything to wipe their tears off when they are sad. My love for them is endless and unconditional, and I do not know how to help myself.

Therefore I would like to dedicate this place to all of you whose souls have been stolen by guys like me, a funny, charming, smart, ”innocent”, curious Boston Terrier.

This is My Family

My mom and my sister. There is no *woof* loud enough to show how grateful I am that they have chosen me to be part of their family. You know, I was the chubbiest pup in the litter and had some problems with my back legs. I was afraid I would not be able to walk. *sad face* But they fell in love with me unconditionally and this only shows how big-hearted they are. Don’t worry, now I am the most bouncy and lively pup.

Let me whisper in your ear what I like most. Bingo! Stealing their beds, snuggling under their blanket. You know what I am talking about, right? *naughty look*. Their heartbeat calms me down. That is where I am the happiest. Because true love comes from the heart.

My Team

I am very proud of my team.

Compassion for animals brought them together, a marketer, a designer, and two illustrators.

My Mom